Customer Complaint Letter

I was a little disappointed in the condition of the book. A few pages were tore at the top and the cover was bent in one corner. It looked like it had been shoved in the package with my other item.

Write a handwritten letter.

I’ll explain on the board.

10 points.  Cannot have any mistakes otherwise you’ll receive a 0/10

Use words like “will you please consider removing or revising the feedback”


Bill Stenzel



Standard Business Expenses 

These are all approximate numbers 

Front of your paper you’re a teacher and you make $100,000 a year and you have a tax rate of 30%  at the end of the year tell me how much you get to keep and how much you have to pay in taxes.

On the back of the paper you have an amazon business that you run from your house and also make $100,000.  How much do you have to pay in taxes at the end of the year.

Show me the write offs for each item and then total it at the end (20 points)  Needs to be done on paper not computer.

Banner Photoshop Assignment for YouTube

2560 x 1440 6mb Max Size

My current banner that we’re changing

Colors (Use Brian Deans Banner For Colors)

If you’re confused with photoshop use canva

When done send it to

Save as a .jpg

Words to use



PASSIVE INCOME (black box with white letters)

MAKE MORE MONEY (black box with white letters)

ONLINE INCOME (black box with white letters)