Buy From Alibaba Sell on Amazon


Use AmazeOwl to find your product

Create a Google Slides with this information below

Date Assigned (Tuesday February 20th) Date Due Friday February 23rd

Points if completed: 50  Present to Class

1. Above 13.99
2. High Potential
3. 1 lbs Above 13.99 – 2 lbs above 15.99 – 3 lbs above 19.99 – 4lbs above 24.99
4. Fits in a shoes box or close – you don’t want to ship things that are LARGE
5. * * * * 4 STARS and above – If it’s 3 stars and you can fix the problem that’s okay
6. Find on alibaba or aliexpress and show me.
7. When you search like “(1)rechargeable (2)hand (3)warmer,” there needs to be 5 products on the 1st page of under 50 reviews
8. Make $5 profit after costs as shown below
9. Use FBA Scout extension to show me your numbers (example below)

Which Corporation?

1. How much is it to start up a C Corporation?

2. How much is it to start up a S Corporation?

3. How much is it to start up an LLC?

4. How much is it to form a partnership?

5. How much is a sole proprietorship?

6. If you start a YouTube channel what business structure should you start?