(Business B) All YouTube Videos Need To Have “At Least” a 1 Page Script :D


Buy House Rent Out

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No YouTube Over Spring Break (Business A)



Monday March 24 2019

Go here and read “What is a Stock” https://education.howthemarketworks.com/beginners/types-of-investments/stocks/intro-to-stocks/

Take the quiz at the bottom.

I need you to sell 50% of your portfolio.  So you’ll have 1/2 of your portfolio in stocks and the other 1/2 in cash, so we can make new trades on Tuesday.

You’ll also finish the movie the Intern.



YouTube Assignment For Saturday


Cost of Living (Friday March 22nd Assignment)

Quote for the article:

“You go to your local shop, and it’s $5 for a gallon of milk and $13 for shampoo. Do you know how much a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is? $1700! What’s wrong with this picture?” 


After your done reading the article:


Weebly (Business B)

Create a website based on your YouTube Format:



The Stock Market


The name of the contest is called >>>>>  BS  <<<<<<<<

Here’s the link



Customer Complaint Letter


I was a little disappointed in the condition of the book. A few pages were tore at the top and the cover was bent in one corner. It looked like it had been shoved in the package with my other item.

Write a handwritten letter.

10 points.  Cannot have any mistakes otherwise you’ll receive a 0/10

You want the customer to remove the negative feedback that they left you on Amazon. The letter can be between 1-1000 pages.  Please use a sentence asking them to remove the feedback, but you cannot use the word “feedback” and you have to remain in Amazon’s TOS (Terms of Service)


Amazon’s TOS:

Misuse of ratings, feedback, or reviews:

Any attempt to manipulate ratingsfeedback, or reviews is prohibited.


Bill Stenzel



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