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Credit Cards



What is a fico score?

What are the 3 credit reporting agencies?

What’s a perfect score?

Why do you need credit?  List three important reasons.

What age does your credit start?

What does the 1/3 mean?

Should you ever cancel a credit card?

Where can you get a free credit report?

Fill in the chart:

FICO Pie ChartSend this to me as a google doc – share it with  – make sure your name is on it!


Business Presentation Requirements

Slides will involve:

1. Approved Amazon product
2. Sales of Amazon product
3. A few examples of the product you’re trying to copy from Amazon
4. A few examples of Alibaba listings that are manufacturing your product
5. How will you differentiate your product from the competition
6. How much does it cost you to buy your product from Alibaba
7. How much will you sell your product for to be competitive
8. What is you profit margin
9. 1 thing’ish per slide – try to keep it simple and don’t add anything that you don’t need.


Buy From Alibaba Sell on Amazon

Link For Potential Products

Use AmazeOwl to find your product

Use Jungle Scout they have a free 5-10 search service to help you find a product

Use Viral Launch to find your product

Use AmzScout to find your product

Create a Google Slides with this information below

Date Assigned (Now) Date Later!

Points if completed:      50  Present to Class

1. Above 13.99
2. High Potential
3. 1 lbs Above 13.99 – 2 lbs above 15.99 – 3 lbs above 19.99 – 4lbs above 24.99
4. Needs to be 4 Stars or above on Viral Launch
5. * * * * 4 STARS and above – Did I mention it needs to be 4 stars and above
6. Find on alibaba or aliexpress and show me.
7. When you search like “(1)rechargeable (2)hand (3)warmer,” there needs to be 5 products on the 1st page of under 50 reviews
8. Make $5 profit after costs as shown below

9.  Cannot be a product you or others have used before.

10.  Product Cannot have 500 reviews on the 1st page with your 3 keywords.
11. Use FBA Scout extension to show me your numbers (example below)


Interview Questions and Answers


Common interview questions and answers

sell me this pen




Click Here For The Assignment:





Trade Stocks


Install (+Indicator) MACD

Please add: Apple / BTC USD / SPY


Juice It Up!


Amazon Product #2