Email to a Client

You Will Make $18,000 a month selling this product with no competition.

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 6:09 AM, Haji T wrote:
Morning Bill,
This is what I got for you today.

9. – Eyeglass Chain Strap

10. – Scooter Mirror

11. – Portable Outdoor Tap and Eco Shower

12. – Handheld Bell For Runners

13. – Camp Chef True Seasoned Cast Iron

14. – Grill Brush

15. – Teabox Glass Teapot

Let me know what you think. Appreciated as always…


Here’s your assignment:


12. – Handheld Bell For Runners

  1.  Your email back to the client, you need to advise him whether or not to move forward with this product.
  2. Should he source it from Alibaba
  3. What are the patents

This is worth 30 points and it’s not easy, but it’s real life (because I just did it 🙂

Buy From Alibaba Sell on Amazon

Link For Potential Products

Use AmazeOwl to find your product

Create a Google Slides with this information below

Date Assigned (Monday May 7th) Date Due Wednesday May 9th 

Points if completed:      50  Present to Class

1. Above 13.99
2. High Potential
3. 1 lbs Above 13.99 – 2 lbs above 15.99 – 3 lbs above 19.99 – 4lbs above 24.99
4. You don’t want to ship things that are TOO LARGE
5. * * * * 4 STARS and above – If it’s 3 stars and you can fix the problem that’s okay
6. Find on alibaba or aliexpress and show me.
7. When you search like “(1)rechargeable (2)hand (3)warmer,” there needs to be 5 products on the 1st page of under 50 reviews
8. Make $5 profit after costs as shown below

9.  Cannot be a product you or others have used before.

10.  Cannot have 899 reviews on the 1st page with your 3 keywords.
11. Use FBA Scout extension to show me your numbers (example below)